Kawaii Reusable Coffee Cozy/Drink Sleeve Set-Mr&Mrs Sleeve


Accessorize all of your coffee drinks and beverages with your own super adorable reusable drink sleeve!!!
Perfect for hot coffee drinks on the go!
Children can accessorize their drinks with their favorite animal!
Everybody will know which cup is yours!

This set features Mr. Sleeve and Mrs Sleeve.
Each sleeve is made from thick neoprene foam to help insulate hot and cold beverages!
Both sleeves have machine embroidered faces to last a lifetime.
Mr. Sleeve wears a bold blue neck bow.
Mrs Sleeve accessorizes with her favorite red bow and pink blush.
Both sleeves will fit all standard tapered drink cups.
Will fit all 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz to-go paper cups.
Fabric has stretch to fit some sizes larger than 24 ounces.
Each sleeve is 2.5 inches tall.
Sleeves can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

Completely handmade in Seattle Washington.
Brand new materials.
Made from hand drawn paper sewing pattern pieces.