Cotton Candy the pastel rainbow Floof Monster Friend KEYCHAIN

$12.00 - On Sale

Meet Cotton Candy, the fashion designer Floof Monster Friend KEYCHAIN
Due to the nature of this fabric, each pastel rainbow Floof Monster keychain will vary, no 2 keychains are identical. You will receive 1 random keychain per order.

Cotton candy loves to sew
Her fingers are so fast
Look at her go!
Dresses, tuxedos
The perfect hemline
Her designs will make you shine!

This listing is for 1 (one) Cotton Candy the pastel rainbowFloof Monster KEYCHAIN.
This super fluffy friend will make the perfect addition to your current Floof Monster friend bag!
Clip this little cutie on any bag or backpack for an extra touch of Floof!!!
Keychain is made from a soft pastel rainbow faux fur.
Pink felt details; wings, horns, feet, and fangs
Blue acrylic plastic eyes
Pink felt eye circle details
Pink wiggly Mouth
1 clip clip allows you to clip onto any item that you like.
Keychain measures approximately 9.5 inches wide, wing to wing
And 5.5 inches tall
NO gluing or hand sewing was used in the production of this bag.
Designed in Seattle Washington.
Manufactured by our partner company in China.
Ships from Seattle USA

Hand wash cold with mild non chlorine detergent.
Hang to air dry.
Do NOT put in dryer!!!
Fur can be gently brushed with a wire pet brush when dry.
Dry fur can be blow dried to remove any wrinkles.