About Us

Atomic Laundry is the small at home business featuring high quality items made by fashion designer, Colin Aceves. After six long years of intense design school, the designer is here with his bachelors degree to make you your own one of a kind custom piece of wearable art.

(the designer)

All of the products from Atomic Laundry are made from handmade paper patterns, all fabric pieces are cut out by hand, and sewn with a collection of fine sewing machinery, in Seattle Washington. Our products are made from the highest quality fabrics. Each item is sewn to perfection with extreme attention to detail.

We are currently known for our collections of high quality fun clothing and accessories. Beautiful, soft faux fur creates most of our items. Legwarmers (also known as fluffies) are one of our most popular items. Our legwarmers are made from super soft luxurious faux fur. Strong elastic covered in soft spandex ensures that the legwarmers will NEVER fall down or stretch out over time. 

Please keep your eyes peeled, as Atomic Laundry will be appearing at random Electric Dance Music parties and other large gatherings in the Seattle Washington area. 

Thank You- CoLiN